Energy Supply, Demand, and Consumption

The Energy Supply Situation in Taiwan

In 2008, ROC's dependence on imported energy was 99.23%; the value of energy imports was US$56.2 billion, which was 44.69% more than the previous year; the per capita energy imports cost burden in 2008 was NT$85,057, which was an increase of 36.08% compared with NT$62,504 in 2007.

The ROC went from a supply of 51.64 million kiloliters of oil equivalent in 1988 to 142.47 million kiloliters in 2008, an average annual growth of 5.21%. Of this total in 2008, indigenous energy contributed 0.66%, and imported energy occupied 99.34%. Classified by energy form, coal contributed 32.42% in 2008, oil constituted 49.46%, natural gas shared 9.42%, hydro power provided 0.29%, nuclear power provided 8.30%, geothermal, solar and wind power provided 0.04%, and solar thermal 0.08%.

Energy Supply

The Energy Demand Situation in Taiwan

The ROC's total energy consumption has grown greatly over the past two decades, going from 46.42 million kiloliters of oil equivalent in 1988 to 117.69 million kiloliters in 2008, which is an average annual growth of 4.76%. Of that in 2008, 97.71% was for energy use, and non-energy uses consumed 2.29%. When classified by consumer, the consumption of energy for each sector in 2008 was as follows: energy and industrial sectors consumed 60.68%; transportation sector, 12.79%; agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors, 0.99%; residential sector, 11.53%; services sector, 11.71%. Classified by form of energy, coal and coal products contributed 7.69% of consumption in 2008; petroleum products provided 38.68%; natural gas shared 2.36%; electricity constituted 51.03%; solar thermal 0.09% and heat 0.14%.

Total Domestic Consmption (by Sector)