Transportation Sector

Key Ongoing Action Plan

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Progress of Action Plan

  1. Establishing Integrity of rail transportation and Transit systems
    • National Scale: Taiwan High Speed Rail is on service (started in Mar. 2007)
    • Local Area: Kaohsiung MRT started partially service (Feb.2008). Taoyuan International Airport MRT is under construction.
  2. E-Bus & IC Card integration
    Subsidies to Kaohsiung county, Taichung county, Hsinchu county, etc. are completed.
  3. Slowing down the usage and growth number of vehicles
    • Vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M):The target for raising inspect rate is 70%.
    • Parking fee management in Taipei metropolis.
  4. Enhancing transportation system efficiency to increase speed and reduce congestion.
    • Complete ETC system for highway and raising its usage rate gradually.
    • Establishing highway integration traffic management and control system.
    • Completing an intelligent traffic control system of local cities and counties.
  5. Improving operation efficiency of freight transportation
    - Establishing Harbor automatic access control system to reduce energy consumption from congestion
  6. Improving energy efficiency of fossil fuel vehicles
    • For new vehicles: Gradually tightening the standard of fuel efficiency.
    • For used vehicles: Encouraging installing tool kit on trucks (e.g., baffle).
  7. Promoting of LPG cars
    Working to promote the LPG Dual Fuel Car Promotion Plan, the EPA has established a cross-ministerial joint service group to divide work according to areas of authority and set up liaison windows to answer inquiries. The group will also provide guidance and assistance to counties and cities without LPG filling stations. The roadmap for Promoting of LPG cars is as following:
    • Subsidies to reduce selling price of LPG (Dec. 2005)
    • Promoting to refit LPG cars. The subsidy is 25,000NTD for each vehicle.
    • Target of promotion: 150 gas station and 150,000 LPG cars (2012)
  8. Promotion of Biofuel: Base on abolished farmland (subsidies for production and fuel purchase)
    • Biodiesel
      - B2 Green Bus Demonstration in Kaohsiung City (Jan. 2007)
      - B1 Green County Demonstration in Taoyuan and Chiayi county (Jul. 2007)
      - Fully supply B1 fuel for cars (Jul. 2008)
      - Target of consumption: 100,000 KL/year of B2 (2010)
    • Bioethanol
      - E3 Green official fleet Demonstration in Taipei city (Sep. 2007)
      - E3 Supply in Taipei & Kaohsiung metropolis (2009)
      - Target of consumption: 100,000 KL/year of E3 (2011)
  9. Establishing GHG Inventory Reporting Scheme in transport sector
    • Short-term actions:
      - Establishment of GHG inventory process and contents (2007)
      - Designing user manual and tool for GHG accounting for on-road freight and passenger transport industry.
      - Promoting GHG Inventory reporting Demonstration.
    • Mid & Long-term actions:
      - Establishing GHG accounting system (e.g., Inventory reporting Registration, Voluntary reduction & Emissions trading, etc.).

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Intensified reduction strategies:

  1. Constructing Green Transport for the public such as rapid transit systems, bus lanes, bicycle lanes, etc.
    - Executing integrated approaches and increasing the incentive for public transportation.
  2. Promoting eco-mobility (e.g., walking, ride a bicycle, taking public transportation), and gradually reducing the usage of private vehicles with low fuel efficiency.
    - Encouraging the usage of bicycles for commuting in metropolitan areas.
    - Improving pedestrian space in certain places such as stations of public transport, business areas, schools, etc.
  3. Promoting usage of mobile LPG and LNG by subsidies for constructing gas stations and refitting LPG cars as well as reducing tax rate of hybrid electricity cars.
  4. Enhancing R&Ds in hybrid electricity vehicles, hydrogen fuels, aerodynamic kits for vehicles, fuel efficiency improvement, etc.
  5. Developing public transportation and human-oriented transportation to change people’s transportation behavior.
    - Promoting eco-driving including anti-idling. Setting up Voluntary Reduction for private-drives and fleets.

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