Looking Ahead

In response to climate change, Taiwan has re-evaluated its energy and industrial policies and promoted various "no-regret" measures to reduce GHG emissions. Much of Taiwan's economic progress, either in labor-intensive
manufacturing in the past or high-tech production today, has been made to satisfy the needs of the industrialized world. Therefore, it is only fair to ask us to share "common but differentiated" responsibility in meeting the
global challenge of climate change.

Based on long-term strategic concept to improve energy efficiency, develop renewable energy, change industrial structure with high dependence on energy, and Reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy and manage high risks of energy uncertainty is the key to ensure Taiwan’s sustainable development and national security. Taiwan should strengthen capacity building for UNFCCC, promote GHG emission reduction activities, increase relevant technology
development, and build up citizens’ awareness of GHG reduction and resource conservation.

Like many other island countries, Taiwan will be adversely affected by the results of climate change. Thus, we hope to work with the international community to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases as well as to adapt the
effects of climate change. As a non-Party, we wish to gain recognition from others for voluntarily taking local action for the global benefit. By sharing our common responsibility, we can together protect the earth's environment and achieve sustainable development for our future generations.

Looking ahead