Research and Development


Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal Energy

  • High Performance & Environmentally-friendly Solar Thermal Collector
  • Thermally Driven Adsorption Chiller Energy

Wind Energy

  • Wind Energy Technology


  • Anaerobic Fermentation Methane Power Generation
  • Densified Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF-5)
  • Biodiesel
  • Green hydrocarbon fuel Cellulose Alcohol

Waste to Energy

  • Industrial Waste Incineration System
  • Thermal Treatment of Sludge
  • Thermal Waste Recycling (Carbonization)
  • Catalytic De-Halogenation of Waste Plastics


LED Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Efficient Lighting

  • Electronic Stabilizer Design Technology
  • LED Lighting Control Technology
  • LED Lighting Module Technology
  • Lighting Testing Technology

Smart Electric AppliancesSmart Metering

  • Standby Power Measuring and Control Technology
  • Energy Management System
  • Smart Appliances
  • Distributed Power Technology

Air-conditioning/ Heating Ventilation

  • DC brushless Motor
  • Inverter Controller
  • DC Inverter-Fed Scroll Compressor
  • R-410A DC Inverter-Fed A/C



Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion

Fuel Cell

  • Injection Molding of Composite Bipolar Plate
  • Fuel Cell Power System
  • Fuel Cell Test Stations for PEMFC
  • Design of Fuel Cell Stack
  • Gas Diffusion Layer
  • RMFC Micro Power System Design



ResourceSustainable Development

Sustainable Development

High accurate scanning for water-land resources

  • Precession LIDAR Remote Sensing
  • Geohazards Investigation and Monitoring
  • Investigation and Prevention on Land Subsidence
  • Construction of Geologic and Environmental Database
  • Examination of Hydro-Geologic Technology
  • Investigation and Integrated Technology for Continental Shelf

Deep geological investigation for site characterization

  • Deep Geological Investigation and Evaluation for Site Characterization
  • Underground Space and Modeling
  • Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Tubes and troughs measurement and management

  • Underground Pipeline Survey and Sealing



Development and Application

Development and Application

Resources development and environmentfriendly manufacturing

  • Wind Farm
  • Geothermal Energy Technology
  • Ocean Technology
  • Utilization and Development for Ocean Energy

DOW development policy

  • Deep Seawater Development and Utilization

Water producing and water industry cultivation

  • Water Conservation Lab
  • Promotion for Water Conservative Equipment
  • Service and Promotion for Water Conservative Technology



Calamities Prevention and ReclamationCalamities

Environment resources and calamity prevention

  • Analysis and Administration for Slope Hazard
  • Construction of A Hazard Warning System

Deep geological treatment

  • Data Management and Visualization forUnderground Geological Investigation

Contaminated site characterization and reclamation







EnvironmentClean Produce

Clean Produce

Design for Environment

  • Green Building Material Technology
  • EuP Eco-design and Quantifying Technical Tool
  • Film Backing Technology for Environmentally Friendly Tape

Green Supply Chain Management

  • The Technical Tool for Managing the Green Supply Chain Operational System




Pollutants Treatment and Regeneration

High-efficiency Environmental Control Devices

Waste Water Treatment and Regeneration

  • High Efficient Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation
  • Treatment and Reclamation of Industrial High-Purity Water
  • Water Treatment Technology


Discard Materials Heat-treatment and Resource Recycle

  • Recovery of Group III-IV Elements
  • Technology on the Reclamation of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Dust
  • Positive Photoresist Reclamation Technology
  • Metal Recovery




Air pollution control P02

  • Extractive FTIR - Continuous Multi-Gas Monitoring
  • Cyclone Technology for Nanopowder Collection
  • Photocatalytic Materials, Air Purification and Performance Test

Hazardous Gas Control

  • Exposure Assessment and Control
  • Remote Sensing and Sensor Net Work
  • Aerosol Control
  • Local Scrubber and Central Scrubber


Processes Safety and Control

Risks AssessmentP03

Intrinsic Safety Design

Intelligent and Risk-base Maintenance

  • Intelligent Emergency Response Support System
  • Video Fire Detection System, VFDS
  • Intelligent-sensing Technology For Energy and Safety System
  • Process Optimization and Abnormal Control


Emergency Response Planning and Mitigation

  • Explosion and calamity control
  • Consulting for A Smoke-Free Workplace
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Emergency Response Information Integrated System